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VEB/European Investors aims at attaining compensation for losses incurred by Steinhoff shareholders. We have started legal proceedings against Steinhoff and invite shareholders to join our class action.

For more information on our Steinhoff class action or to register, please contact us at info@europeaninvestors.eu.

Please note the relevant period to participate in our class action. Shares bought or held between 7 August 2015 and 6 December 2017 COB and which were retained through 7 December 2017 COB. Depending on the outcome of any independent investigation, the relevant period may extend.

Action taken
On 2 February 2018 VEB/European Investors served a writ of summons on Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. commencing its action based on Article 3:305A of the Dutch Civil Code (class action). VEB/European Investors holds Steinhoff liable for all losses incurred by Steinhoff shareholders. Steinhoff acted unlawfully towards its shareholders by providing incorrect and/or misleading information. VEB/European Investors continues to explore options to take up action against (previous) directors of Steinhoff and Steinhoff’s statutory auditors Deloitte.

VEB/European Investors published various factsheets to inform investors on the Steinhoff case and our legal proceedings. Please click here for our factsheet of 12 January 2018 and here for our updated statement of 2 February 2018.

All updated factsheets and news articles on Steinhoff will be published on this website.