Enhance & protect

The European Investors’ Association – European Investors – is a not-for-profit and member-based organisation that aims to strengthen the representation of investors in Europe. To this end, European Investors represents investors in regulatory discussions, engages on behalf of long-term investors with listed companies, and initiates class actions to reclaim losses incurred by investors as a result of unlawful behaviour. All in all, European Investors’ objective is to enhance trust in European capital markets by promoting transparency, engagement and accountability.

Steinhoff class action
VEB/European Investors aims at attaining compensation for losses incurred by Steinhoff shareholders. We have started legal proceedings against Steinhoff and invite shareholders to join our class action.

For more information on our Steinhoff class action or to register, please contact our Head of Relations, Mr Armand Kersten at info@europeaninvestors.eu or call +32 (0) 24 46 00 46.