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Positions & publications

European Investors aims to be fully transparent about its priorities and the positions it holds in the service of retail investors. For this reason, it publishes all letters to European policy-makers and institutions, replies to public consultations, and position papers on this page. In addition, European Investors regularly conducts research and surveys, the results of which are also published on this page, to ensure its positions are backed up by data.

Positions and publications:

2019-11-15 Sustainable investment funds deliver on ESG but not always on returns. Available here 

2019-10-15   The pursuit of equity investment in SMEs Available here

2019- 09- 28  Sustainable ETFs put most of investors’ money into tech companies  Available here

2017-10-31 – Response to the Consultation paper issued by the Code Committee of the Takeover Panel. Available here

2017-09-28 – Response to the Public Consultation on Prospectus Regulation Level 2. Available here

2017-06-07 – Response to the EC consultation on the operations of the European Supervisory Authorities. Available here

2017-02-14 – European Investors’ response to the TCFD’s consultation on climate-related financial disclosures. Available here.

2017-01-05 – Comments to the ESMA draft guidelines on MiFID II product governance requirements. Available here.

2017-01-04 – Response to the FCAs Third Consultation Paper on MiFID II implementation. Available here

2016-12-27 – Letters to the Belgian, Slovakian and Slovenian finance ministers on the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT). 

2016-12-15 – Response to the consultation on the Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex. Available here.

2016-12-01 – European Investors key areas for shareholder dialogue in 2017. Available here.

2016-11-24 – Letter to DG FISMA on the LSE/DB merger. Available here

2016-10-28 – Response to the AMF consultation on the new rules for the funding of research by investment firms under MiFID II. Available here.

2016-10-11 – Input to European Parliament expert consultation on mis-selling practices. Available here.

2016-10-09 – Response to the European Commission consultation on the cross-border distribution of investment funds. Available here.

2016-10-07 – Letter to Exor’s Board of Directors on cross-border merger plan and loyalty voting structure. Available here.

2016-09-15 – Presentation on the effects of the LSE/DB merger. Available here.

2016-08-04 – Letter to Commissioner Vestager on the LSE/DB merger. Available here.

2016-06-01 – European Investors, European Issuers, FESE and Invest Europe publish joint proposal on the EU Growth Prospectus Regime. Available here.

2016-03-18 – Response to the Green Paper on Retail Financial Services. Available here

2016-03-10 – VEB/European Investors letter response to letter of Mylan NV of 29 February 2016. Available here.

2016-02-26 – VEB/European Investors letter to Mylan NV on its bid on outstanding shares of Meda AB. Available here

2016-01-29 – Response to ESAs Joint Consultation on KID for PRIIPs. Available here.