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The European Investors’ Association IVZW is a not-for-profit, member-based and investor led organisation that was founded in 2015 by the Dutch Investors’ Association VEB – the oldest (since 1924) and most successful investors’ association in Europe – and the European Financial Education Foundation.

European Investors is headed by a professional and experienced Management Board, chaired by Paul Koster and accountable to the members of European Investors and the Supervisory Board of VEB.

European Investors adheres to its core values at all times:

Independent: We draft our positions solely on the basis of the interests of investors and not those of any third party.

Determined: We will always do our utmost to make the voice of investors heard, regardless of the effort required, and are always prepared to offer a dissenting view.

Supportive: We will continuously strive to find common ground with other stakeholders.

Transparent: We are open and transparent about our priorities and the positions we hold and are always open to have these challenged by others.

Professional: We always base our positions on clear arguments that are backed up by research, as well as the professional experience of those who work for the Association.