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Class actions

European Investors pursues class actions on behalf of investors who have incurred losses on their investments due to deception, fraud, default or other forms of misconduct on the part of banks, listed companies, auditors, managers and supervisory directors, or others.

The aim is to obtain justice and compensation for the damage done.

European Investors can rely on the expertise and experience of one of its founding members, the Dutch Investors’ Assocation VEB which, since its establishment in 1924, has won more than €3.5 billion in compensation for its constituents.

European Investors does not accept third party funding or litigation funding. 

Institutional investors (partnership)
Institutional investors may join our Steinhoff class action by signing a partnership agreement with VEB/European Investors.

We offer:

1) An impressive track record

VEB/European Investors has a solid track record litigating for many years, in many class actions and for thousands of investors. Most cases have resulted in high compensation for investors:

Compensation Pending
  • Fortis – €1.3Bn
  • Ahold – €1.1Bn
  • Dexia – €1.0Bn
  • Shell – $395
  • Unilever- €325M
  • World Online – €105M
  • Converium – €59M
  • KPNQwest – €19M
  • Numico/Danone- €17M
  • Imtech
  • SNS Reaal
  • Ahold-Deloitte
  • Steinhoff

2) 9 percent succession fee with no upfront costs

Participation in any legal action against a success fee of 9 percent with no upfront costs. VEB/European Investors is a not-for-profit organisation. We do not seek any litigation funding because we have an in-house legal department staffed with experienced solicitors specialised in class actions under Dutch law.

For more information or to register for our class action, please contact our Head of Institutional Investors, Mr. Armand Kersten at info@europeaninvestors.eu.

Individual investors (membership)

Individual investors domiciled outside the Netherlands may join our class action. In order to participate and to classify as an active claimant, shareholders must be a member of VEB (125 Euro per subscription year).

To classify as an active claimant, the membership has to be continued until any compensation in the Steinhoff-case has been paid. Termination of the membership is possible at any time.

For more information or to register as a member, please contact VEB/European Investors at info@europeaninvestors.eu.