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Autumn event “Fiduciary Duties for Investors” – 13 September 2018

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The theme of the European Investors’ Autumn event is fiduciary duty of institutional investors. In the financial world, acceptance is mounting a fiduciary relationship exists between those to whom power is entrusted to invest and the fund beneficiaries.

Fiduciary duty pits institutional investors and asset managers against a dilemma between their duty to maximise short term results and sustainability factors and risks.

With the current legislative initiatives the need for clarification on definitions, harmonisation and convergence of regulation, and a future-proof framework of duties and responsibilities of institutional investors, is becoming ever more important. Arguably, institutional investors may be excused for their inability to see the wood for the trees.


These and more interesting issues will be addressed during the event by our distinghuised speakers and debated with the audience.

Register here: www.europeaninvestors-event.eu